Our favorite verse in 2 Chronicles Chapter 15 is: 

All Judah rejoiced about the oath because they had sworn it wholeheartedly. They sought Godeagerly, and he was found by them. So the Lord gave them rest on every side.  (2 Chronicles 15:15 NIV).


  • Historical Commentary.While the victorious armies of Judah and Benjamin returned to Jerusalem, “the spirit of God came upon Azariah the son of Obed, and he went out to meet Asa, and said, Hear me, Asa, and all Judah and Benjamin: The Lord is with you, while ye shall go with him: and if ye seek him, he will be found of you, but if you forsake him, he will leave you… “Very encouraged by these words, Asa soon start a second reform in Judah. And he gathered all Judah and Benjamin, and the strangers from Ephraim  with them, and Manasseh, and out of Simeon: for many of Israel had come to him, saw that the LORD his God was with him. They gathered themselves together at Jerusalem in the third month of the fifteenth year of the reign of Asa. And on that very day they sacrificed to the LORD, of the spoil which they had brought, seven hundred oxen and seven thousand sheep. And they entered into a covenant to seek the LORD God of their fathers with all their heart and with all your soul. (PR (82).

  • Life without God.– “In those days it was not safe to travel about, for all the inhabitants of the lands were in great turmoil. One nation was being crushed by another and one city by another, because God was troubling them with every kind of distress.” (verse 5, 6). This confirms that a life without God is disastrous, senseless and only lead to destruction. IT IS NOT WORTH LIVING WITHOUT GOD.

  • Benefits of living with God.- The kingdom expanded with the move of other tribes to the southern kingdom (verse 9), there was joy and rejoicing (verse 14), the Lord gave them peace (verse 15), there was not war in 35 years (verse 19). These show that LIFE IS WORTH LIVING WITH GOD.


Dear Father, today we renew our covenant to live with you, because it is worth living under your protection and company, in the name of Jesus, amen.

By Dr. Franz Rios, Translated and adapted by Pablo J. Rios. 

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