Real joy. – Real joy can only be experienced with God.    

Our verse of reference in 2 Chronicles 30 is: 

The entire assembly of Judah rejoiced, along with the priests and Levites and all who had assembled from Israel, including the foreigners who had come from Israel and also those who resided in Judah.” (2 Chronicles 30:25 NIV).


Historical review. – At the point in history for this chapter, the Passover had not been celebrated as a national holiday for many years. Because of the division of the kingdom, at the end of Solomon’s reign, the celebration of this wonderful occasion had become difficult. But the terrible punishments that were falling upon the ten tribes aroused in the hearts of some a desire for better things, and it showed the effect that had the poignant messages of the prophets. The invitation to attend the Passover in Jerusalem was proclaimed far and near by the royal couriers, “from city to city through the country of Ephraim and Manasseh even unto Zebulun.” The city streets were cleared of idolatrous altars, placed there during the reign of Ahaz. The seven days usually indicated for Easter too quickly seemed to pass, and the worshipers decided to dedicate another seven days to learn more about the way of the Lord. PR 248.249. 

Invitation to all believers.- Hezekiah invited the inhabitants of the northern kingdom, starting from the north end of the Promised Land, Dan. This invitation was before the fall of the northern kingdom, so one could argue that was one of the last invitations they received before going to the Assyrian exile. The invitation was extended to the southern tip of Judah, Beersheba. Many accepted the invitation, but others laughed and mocked. TODAY THE SAME THING HAPPENS, when inviting people for the Lord’s Supper, which replaced the feast of Passover, many accept with joy, others excuse themselves by saying they are not ready, they have arranged sins, or who prefer to postpone their participation. Be joyful on the next Lord’s supper, and participate.

Symbolism of Passover.- This party reminded them of God’s deliverance from the hands of Pharaoh in Egypt. Therefore, this sacred holiday, also could mean the release of Assyria. In our days, participating with joy of the Lord’s Supper, may be a way to experience being deliver from sin.


O God, thank you for the Passover, symbol of liberation. Thanks for giving us Christ, the paschal lamb for the forgiveness of our sins. We ask that the next Lord’s Supper, we may be able to participate with gratitude and joy. In the name of Jesus, amen.

By Dr. Franz Rios and Pablo J. Rios. 

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