When we accept God into our hearths and commit ourselves to Him there is need to abandon the old ways and put away what kept us from Him. .  

Our favorite verse in 9 Kings Chapter 11 is: 

Jehoiada then made a covenant between the Lord and the king and people that they would be the Lord’s people. He also made a covenant between the king and the people. (2 Kings 11:17 NIV)

Need to make a new covenant
  • After the start of the Israelite monarchy, this was the first renewal of covenant with God and the people. The renewal of the covenant was first to apologize for the  apostate conduct and for worshipping other gods during the reign of Athaliah.
  • Secondly, it was to consecrate themselves to the service of God. The reform promoted by Jehoiada among the people of Israel, was with the intention to be regain the status of the people of God.
  • The king as a leader led this reconciliation with God. This renewal of the pact also included a commitment by the king and the people of Israel. 


Everlasting father, we may have distanced ourselves from you, we may have fall into apostasy, but we give you thanks for extending your hand of grace and mercy to forgive us. We want to renew our covenant with you, may your Holy Spirit give us strength to follow your commands through love. In the name of Jesus, Amen.  

By Dr. Franz Rios, Translated and adapted by Pablo J. Rios. 

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