Our verse of reference in Esther 10 is: 

 “Mordecai the Jew was second in rank to King Xerxes, preeminent among the Jews, and held in high esteem by his many fellow Jews, because he worked for the good of his people and spoke up for the welfare of all the Jews.” (Esther 10:3 NIV).


Learning from the qualities of Mordecai
Historical Review. – Mordecai had been elevated to the post of honor to occupy before Haman. “It was next unto king Ahasuerus, and great among the Jews, and accepted of the multitude of his brethren” (Esther 10:3), as it sought the welfare of Israel. That was how God restored to His chosen people the favor of the Medo-Persian court, and made ​​possible the execution of his purpose to return to their land.

Do good. – Mordecai had a simple job for most of his life, guarding the palace gate. However, in that office made ​​two works well: took care of an orphan, who became his daughter, and protected the life of the king Ahasuerus. When it became the second largest in the Medo – Persian, continued with the same spirit: SEARCH THE GOOD OF OTHERS. Therefore, do good to others, does not depend on an important job, or have lots of money, you need to cultivate a spirit of service, and when God give us the opportunity, we can benefit many. The experiencing this phrase in our life: “You look fine without whom”, will open the horizon to find people who even do not know, need someone to help them.  
Promote wellness. – Unlike Haman, whose interest was their personal prosperity and satisfy their selfishness, Mordecai acted as it should make any person wishing prosperity of their environment. What has God given ability that can be of benefit to other people? You know administer or business? Share your secrets with others, so that they are prosperous. Do you have manual skills? Teach others. Do you have the gift of teaching? Help others to enable them to acquire knowledge.


Father wanted. We ask you to remove selfishness and centralism in ourselves. Placed within us the desire to serve through the gifts he has given us. To seek the welfare of others. By jesus, amen. 

By Dr. Franz Rios and Pablo Rios

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