Hang on to God’s promises. – Wait on the Lord and He will reveal His will in good time.     

Our verse of reference in Ezra 4 is: 

Then the people around them set out to discourage the people of Judah and make them afraid to go on building.” (Ezra 4:4 NIV).


What makes you feel down or frustrated?


Historical commentary.- It was a time of wonderful opportunities for the people of Israel. God worked upon the hearts of kings, while God’s people worked to the maximum in order to fulfill the decree of Cyrus. No effort was spared to restore the temple and its services or for the people to resettle in their homes in Judea. But, while this was a demonstration of the power of God, many lacked goodwill. The opposition of their enemies was strong and determined, and gradually discouraged the workers. Some of them could not forget the emotion of seeing the cornerstone replaced, but many had expressed their lack of confidence in the task ahead. Furthermore, with the influence of the Samaritans against them, many Jews wondered whether, after all, it was a good time to rebuild. This feeling soon spread, and many of the workers, discouraged and dejected, returned home to engage in common activities of life.

Internal opposition.- The criticism, lack of support, opposition and sometimes ridicule, by those around them, their family members, and friends, tend to discourage us, one feels like leaving everything, abandon our dreams and hopes. This negative spirit, which often leads to wishing not to live, are same feelings that David expressed as going through the VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH, in this we learn two lessons: 1) We should trust in God, He never abandon us, 2) Promise to support and encourage the plans and dreams of our friends and loved ones.

External opposition.– The people of Israel had opposition from the Samaritans, who influenced the kings of Medo Persia to stop the construction of the walls of Jerusalem. What ever we endure at work or study, the pressures of the environment and bad treatment of those that surround us, just wait on the Lord and he will reveal His glory if He is in control of our lives. 


Dear Heavenly Father, we come into your presence to find strength as well as rest in your arms of love. May we be able to find rest from what ever internal or external opposition we may be dealing with. In the name of Jesus, amen.

By Dr. Franz Rios and Pablo J. Rios. 

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