Praise God.Give God the glory and honor in everything.

Our verse of reference in Job 1 is: 

 “In all this, Job did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing.” (Job 1:22 NIV).


Supporting evidence and praising God.
Introduction to the book of Job. – Imagine themselves in the position of Job,  on the floor in agony while his world crumbled around him. Then imagine his own friends approaching, not with words of comfort but with ominous warnings and pleas for you to examine your life for some terrible sin. Would you dare, like Job, to protest either slightly or strongly? Thought about the issue even more, is there a person in your experience that made ​​the question of sin or lack of loyalty when you become ill? Try to imagine yourself in conversation with their Maker. How have you responded to the challenging words of God? NIV 763. May the reading of this book brings us closer to God and we understand the cosmic struggle between good and evil.

Loss of material goods. – A day celebrating the church service, a sister came to give his testimony and recalled: last Saturday I was worshiping God together with you. – Returning to the house, I was surprised to see that the front door was open. I walked in and was astonished to find that thieves had taken all my belongings, left no nothing. However, today I come to worship my God because He is good. — If you have a test the financial area, or just lost the job, we turn to God to be strengthened and that nothing separates us from God.

Loss of loved ones. – Job received the terrible news that her ten children had died. What proof is hard to bear unexpected losses of parents, children, siblings, relatives or friends. Although strongly agree with the second coming of Christ will have the pleasure to see them again, the temporary separation starts us tears and pain. Consolemos to people who have lost loved ones, and try to fill the void they have left, making calls, sending messages or visiting them. 


God of comfort. We recognize that everything is yours and that you allow us to go through difficult trials to understand. We have the faith of job, to accept your Individually designed and praise your name above tests and pain. By jesus, amen. 

By Dr. Franz Rios and Pablo Rios

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