God is with you. Through it all, God is next to us, there is no sorrow or problem that we can not endure with His power. Acknowledge Him and accept His salvation.

Our verse of reference in Job 4 is: 

 “But now trouble comes to you, and you are discouraged;
    it strikes you, and you are dismayed..” (Job 4:5 NIV).


Let us be instruments of consolation 
Understanding and literary analysis. – Horrified by the pain of Job and his constant questioning of “Why?”, The three friends abandoned their wise silence and believed it was their duty to give Job an answer. The speeches that follow can be divided into three sessions: 4.1 to 14.22, 15.1 to 21.34, 22.1 to 27.23. In the first two speak every one of the friends and Job responds at length. The third session, interspersed with dialogues without the participation of the “friends” and Job. BNP.

Which words tell people who are suffering trials? – Eliphaz was the first to answer Job. First, recognize that many people gave instruction and praise him for his efforts to help the needy. Second, he says he is suffering penalties for misconduct and is reaping what he sowed. Finally, substantiate his statement, noting that she had visions from God. LET’S SAY THESE PHRASES: This disease has acquired because you are in sin … You’re far from God … This is direct punishment of God … I told you it would happen …you 
toast support, comfort and prayer. – Make company in times of grief is of little comfort. Ask if there is something special you want we can do. Offering our time cooking, cleaning the house, doing laundry, babysit, or do any paperwork or management. Read biblical promises and pray to God for divine power is a blessing and strength. 

God of consolation. We pray in your presence for those who are suffering from a test. We ask that you make us instruments of comfort and hope. By jesus, amen. 

By Dr. Franz Rios and Pablo Rios

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