Choose people that are fitted and capable to do the job .God has capable and trustworthy individuals among His people, let us be used for God’s honor and glory.

Our verse of reference in Nehemiah 7 is: 

 I put in charge of Jerusalem my brother Hanani, along with Hananiah the commander of the citadel, because he was a man of integrity and feared God more than most people do.” (Nehemiah 7:2 NIV).


Select suitable people to help you. 

Historical Commentary.- There are many names mentioned in scripture. Some of them are presented as part of their life story, such as: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Job, David and Solomon. In other instances they are only mentioned for the characteristics demonstrated in the course of their life as something to imitate: Joshua, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Elijah, John, Paul, and many more. But other biblical characters are mentioned in only one verse or part of a verse, this is the case of the names in the genealogies. Finally, it is noteworthy that are a few names in the biblical accounts that by saying a single act of their character makes them unique, that is the case of Hanani. His name may go unnoticed, but by the qualities recorded, we can imagine the integrity of his life.

Let us choose competent people.- Nehemiah, was to return to Medo Persia to continue his service to King Artaxerxes, but he needed to leave people of integrity to manage the city of Jerusalem. He chose Hanani, a “person like few”. We should not choose church leaders or workers who are not ideal. Many times we choose them because they are our family members, or because they are friends, because we are their “godfathers” or because we have something to gain, and forget to choose people becuase they are feated and capable for the job. 

Hanani: a faithful man who feared God.- The word “faithful” here mentioned in scripture denotes absolute confidence or refers to he who can assured  confidentiality and never disappoint. I praise and thank God for those men and women who in their work, the owners or managers, entrust in them blank checkbooks or the password to their bank accounts, because they trust in their integrity. Fidelity, accompanied by the fear of God makes us the most valuable jewel and an asset in our workplace as sons or daughters of God.


Dear God, thank you because there are individuals among your people that glorify your name in their lives. People that can be trusted because they are faithful and fearful to you. We pray that you keep them away from any  temptation or sin that could damage your holy name. In the name of Jesus, amen. 

By Dr. Franz Rios and Pablo Rios

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