I am waiting, I have been waiting in line may be for over two hours. I am sure this is an experience that most of you have gone through in the past, if you have not, it will happen sooner or latter.
As I wait I see how this common lived experience can bring advantages to my life. I am not talking about the ultimate goal, given one is waiting for something one needs or desires, like waiting in line to buy the Ipad or some other commodity. Regardless of the outcome, what is the advantage of waiting?.
I can tell you that today as every other time I have had to wait I generally go through the same pattern.
The first half an hour one is ready for, the long wait. One is focused on the task at hand and will take advantage of that down time in whatever way possible, reading, chatting with the person next to you or just doing some retrospective thinking. Anyhow we all may enjoy waiting for 30 min. If that was all! But that is not the case, generally it will go for much longer and that bring us to the one hour mark.
At this time we stop "enjoying" the wait but we understand that it is normal and expected so we don't get frustrated, yet. But one would normally take out the cell phone and wish to receive a call, if we have credit we will even start thinking who we can call. But now if one has a more advance devise like a game boy or something, the game plan changes completely and we disconnect from the world around us much faster ( care about nothing and nobody – why should I? I have a Game Boy!!!!) But that is different. Generally I will say a blackberry or a game enable phone, I am not much into gaming so chatting or checking facebook would be the option at hand. Anyhow the goal is to get entertain and if possible gain some knowledge, that may apply for those that like to read and may pickup a magazine or the newspaper.
But sooner or latter that period of genuine desire to make the wait pleasurable and do something positive and enjoyable (you know what I mean).
But that time passed and you would expect that your turn will be coming soon but yet nothing happens, so one would start to show sign of impatience, one will start looking around and noticing the flows of the people, if you are in a doctor's office you may try to decipher the problems of everybody to conclude that we are doing well, if you weren't well you will have gone to the emergency section!!!!
The point Is that after one starts looking at other people, that is the point of not return, there will be no Game Boy, Iphone, Ipad on earth that will give you the same joy and desire to wait as that you felt during the first hour.
Furthermore, after that moment we start to question how much it is worthed to waith, if one really needs or wants that anymore. Sometime even loose the love and passion for your goals and deside to turn back.
I think live in general is much like the experience I just describe, there may be different cases for people with sophisticated gadgets but at the end we are all waiting for something… And depending on what it is the hours can signify days, moths or years, I guess the bigger the price the longer the wait!
But I will really give anything to be able to always stay in the mind set of that first hour, expecting to wait, prepared for it and making my time as pleasurable for me and others there.
My question is, what are you waiting for?
Why have you lost your first love for that what you desire? Why does that first hour passed so fast?
I think the advantage of waiting is that we learn to make the most out of live, to live every moment as it was our last! Waiting teach us that there is so much we can do in our lives and for those around us. But must importantly if we allow time to pass us by we will lose that passion, and we will know that the moment we start looking at what other people are doing and calling judgement on them stead of making friends and looking to give them a good time.
Well, my name just called. So wish me well, I will post more info later! But for now! Think about your life and see how can you make that first hour last a life time!

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