The hurricane has passed in St. Lucia. Now we have no lights and no water where I am, the rain still falling and there is some wind but nothing compared to what we had 2 hours ago.

Here in the hotel there is no significant damage that I can see but the storm was strong last report I listen on the radio there was significant damage on the south of the island, power and communications where out several tries where brought down and routs were blocked. No lost of like was reported at that time but some ruffs and houses had been severely damage.

Now I seat here and wander, how impatient I am with out internet, with no computer, with no power – frustrated not being able to fly home or have a hot meal. But as I look out my door and see just darkness, feel the destructive power of nature, I feel there could be many people out there that have lost what little they had, that have nothing to eat or that are just alone, and may be even with out hope. I am reach, God blessed me with a dry place to sleep, the hope of soon being next to my wonderful wife and must importantly, even if all these where lost, I have a hope, I know my Savior will provide.

We may not be able to share what we have, one ca not prepare people for events like this one, but one thing we can do, is give people the hope, the faith that in moments like this can mean the difference between life and death. Everyday one can share this hope, one can live a life that preaches of the Hope we have in Jesus, teach why Jesus is out savior and that He will come back soon.

Let's keep on teaching, let's keep on preaching, let's keep on praying, let's keep on leaving for He will soon return for us.

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