The storm is not here yet, I thank the Lord that I have internet and have been able to be in contact with my beautiful wife and loving family. 
It is interesting to think about being in a hurricane, It is an experience I have not had, they say it will affect mostly the southern part of the island, and I am in the north – but this hurricane looks very big. It should be here within the next hour or two, but you can already see the winds in the video, there are very scary.
As one reflects on the experience it make us remember how fragile we are, how dependent on God and others we are. I remember when they showed the images from New Orleans, how the people helped each other and many reports say that the willingness to help was changed in the american community. 
On the other hand I see the way that poor (developing countries) have had a great renaissance of faith and a spiritual awakening. The church is growing and people are coming to Christ. This may just be the way that the message of a coming Saviour will get to every corner of the earth. 
I wander if the human race is so hard headed that we need to see dead by our site in order to realize we need a Savior, we need God and we need to believe in something beyond this world of sin and temporary pleasures. 
Well, I hope we can continue to trust God, continue to walk on his path and not wait for a life and death experience to realize we are far from him.
Keep in contact and check the blog latter for more updates.