I am not even sure as to say that the storm has passed, we are disconnected from what is happening in the island. Phone-lines are out, Radio stations are down, no electricity or water. The rain and strong winds persisted all night and even now at 7:30 am of sunday the rain still pouring down with some minimal wind from the west.

On this site of the island we can not see any mayor damage but we were told that the south of the island was the must affected. We pray that no lost of life may be reported. I will try to keep you updated, we hope radio stations may come online later today to get some more information about the situation on the ground. If you have details as to the weather forecast it may also be useful information for us.

It is interesting to see that even after last night when we though the worst was over, when things started to look better, and one thought that life could only get better from there, nature has a way to show us that constant pray and a relationship with God is the only thing that can keep us calm. Because situations can get worst, the unexpected can happen, it is only in the arms of God that we can feel save.

Things may get worst, or better, there may be people suffering right now, but our trust is that God is in control and there is hope and joy in being with hi, even when dead is at out door step, the hope of everlasting life and His second coming can give us hope and joy. Let’s keep on teaching, let’s keep of praying, let’s keep on helping, let’s keep on living..

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