Is it wrong to spend and have the best?

Is it wrong to spend and have the best? For the past two weeks my wife and I have been discussing a topic that came-up in one of our classes. (E.G.W. Counsels on spending much on church buildings). This has been a topic of contention for many years within the SDA church. I have sat […]

Traveling from St, Lucia

The time may have come for me to leave St. Lucia, On my way to the airports more and more stories what is happening in the island came to my attention. People and authorities are now seeing the damage and destruction of Hurricane Tomas.The reports are that at least 4 deaths have been confirmed in […]

The day after the hurricane in St. Lucia

I am not even sure as to say that the storm has passed, we are disconnected from what is happening in the island. Phone-lines are out, Radio stations are down, no electricity or water. The rain and strong winds persisted all night and even now at 7:30 am of sunday the rain still pouring down […]